Friday Folk
5th February

Charlie Dore
Julian Littman

The Man From Washington

A night of eclectic, contemporary legendary songwriter Charlie Dore and Julian Littman, fresh from touring with his 'other' band, Steeleye Span. Charlie is a multi-award-winning writer and although she has written for the great and the good, her live show reveals that actually she keeps the best songs for herself.
With eight albums' worth of songs to mine, no two nights are the same and the array of instruments - guitars, piano, mandolin, harmonium, autoharp & ukulele is constantly swapped as they dip into last year's Milk Roulette album, followed perhaps by a couple from 2011's award-winning Cheapskate Lullabies, their version of Charlie's first ever single, Fear of Flying (covered by George Harrison) and maybe even a new take on Pilot of the Airwaves - still a Radio 2 favourite.

LOOKING LIKE MY MOTHER ACTING LIKE MY DAD  Pheromones... and how they decide who we’re going to fall in love with, whatever we think we’re doing.

FIREWATER Falling for a handsome, career drunk and not being able to keep up the pace.

‘A gift for melody, brave, poignant, entertaining, original‘ Guardian
‘Beatific of voice, fragrant of melody and lyrically fearless’ MOJO
‘Still stretching boundries’ - Telegraph/Featured in  Telegraph’s Best Albums of 2014